Learn electronics while doing fun activities

Our Basic Activities

Simple Circuit
A basic electronic circuit

battery | wire | Power supply

Activity Level: 89%

A really fun activity for the kids, where they can develop a basic circuit, where they can connect battery with wires and power supply. After doing this student can easily understand the working of circuit, its type and basic circuit development.

Baic Purpose: Understand the working of circuit and it types

Flash Light Development
Battery Development

Light Turn off | ON | Circuits work

Activity Level: 87%

Connect Power supply with a small bulb with the help of wire where the electricity can move, then we add a button when which the circuit complete and uncompleted.

Purpose: How flash light works

Small Project
Street Traffic Light project

Board | LED | Circuit wires

Activity Level: 87%

Simple traffic signal project helps student to understand the basic phenomena about the binary operation. How the light get off and on, and how the logical gates work

Basic Principal: Basic understanding of Light ON & OFF